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If you’re traveling to Italy and you want to stock up on your favorite wine, the VinGardeValise wine luggage is the perfect suitcase to safely transport 12 bottles (750 ml each) of wine back home with you. Wine bottles of most sizes easily fit within the carrying foam. The shell of this wine luggage is made entirely of poly carbonate, making it indestructible and the perfect accessory for any traveling wine lover.

If you’re planning a trip to , this wine luggage is a must have. There are plenty of brands that export to the USA, so if you’re buying directly from the producer, all you need to do is ask but you may find a few precious vintages that you’d like to take back with you right away.

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…* Holds 750ml bottles of almost any shape. * Heavy-duty corner guards * Solidly built to specifically protect your wine * Holds up to twelve 750ml bottles of most any shape, or ten 750ml and two Champagne or Champagne-like bottles * Conforms to all applicable TSA, FAA, and airline luggage standards
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WineVine Imports offers a wide selection of that is designed to protect your bottles. A lot of the wine luggage for air travel has modular interior designs that can be arranged to fit your needs. They can hold anywhere from 2 to 12 bottles of wine. If you need to fit some of your clothes, books, or anything else you couldn’t fit in your suitcase you can simply arrange your suitcase to fit less bottles, leaving open some space for your items.

All of the wine luggage for air travel is lightweight, which will help save you from having to pay oversized luggage fees. The wine carriers were constructed to protect the wine even through manhandling by baggage handlers. The meets airline standards for both FAA and TSA. You can have confidence that your liquid treasure will be safe through your entire flight. If you’re someone who travels with wine, you can’t afford not to purchase .