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Bagket multi pocket vest transformable into shoulder bag unisex Black -Size XL

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We hope in such a away we will make it easier for our clients to grasp the essence and purpose of Jaktogo and use it as the WEARABLE LUGGAGE it was meant to be!

With today’s exorbitant baggage fees, smart airline passengers are eschewing checked bags for carry-on-only travel. Unfortunately, that often means lugging two or more bags through the airport which gets old fast. Whether you’re looking to stick it to the airlines, to stop lugging multiple carry-ons, or a little of both, “wearable luggage” may be the solution. Here are just three of our favorites:

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Wearable Luggage: Practical or Fashion Faux Pas?

Is the whole traveling experience just not quite uncomfortable enough for you? Weirdo — we got a weirdo in the building! The Jaktogo is wearable luggage. It’s a poncho made to carry 33 lb of luggage and, when it’s full, makes you the size of a double wide. According to the diagram on the product site, the thing’s got pockets meant to accomodate specific items like a laptop, iPad, headphones, books, even a… set of handcuffs? Whoa, I don’t know what kind of traveling you’re doing, but it sounds kinky! Kinky and suuuper bulky.

1. Rufus Roo (about $50 above) is the simplest form of wearable luggage: an ultra-light polyester utility vest with huge pockets that can stow a weekend’s worth of clothes and amusements, even a laptop. Load it up, pop it on, and catwalk your way through check-in.