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SOG Barrage Tactical Internal Frame Pack Backpack (Clay Brown, X-Large)


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With their Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment design, SOG backpacks are designed in the mold of modern military equipment. MOLLE backpacks use the Pouch Attachment Ladder System, which provides a grid of webbing for easy attachment and detachment of accessory items such as holsters, magazine pouches, sheaths and slings. SOG backpacks come with padded meshed backs, bottom lashing straps and yoked shoulder straps for comfort during a variety of outdoor activities.

SOG backpacks are MOLLE equipped and contain multiple hydration hose ports, a front accessory pocket with organizers and dual bottom grommeted drain holes. They also typically have a soft lined pocket for delicate personal items and a roomy main compartment with large zippered openings.

SOG Opord Backpack - Haul it all with the SOG Opord Backpack

SOG Ninja Backpack - Olive Drab - Mills Fleet Farm

I picked up one of the SOG backpacks at Wal-Mart a few months back. I bought a little gas saver car to save some cash over what it costs to drive my truck. Found myself in need of a reasonably sized and priced bag to throw a few essentials into to keep in the trunk. Just happened to notice them at Wally World while looking around in Sporting goods. I normally don’t purchase that cheap of a pack, but since it was SOG branded I looked a little closer. Stitching and seams appeared solid, so for $40 I brought it home. So far has been a good bag. Plenty of room for intended purpose. Has been durable so far. My only complaint is the way the straps are designed. The shoulder straps are connected for a few inches at the top. I find that to be comfortable against my neck, I have to wear it lower on my back than I would like to. Overall, bang for buck at that price, it’s a great value. My local WM had then in tan, black, and a desert MARPAT clone.

SOG backpacks are equipped to handle attachment of most water-carrying devices, including CamelBak-style pouches, reservoirs and water bottles. Interior plumbing runs through the pack to allow for attachment to the water source. Ports on the pack allow for insertion of sip tubes or bite valves so the user can hydrate without having to stop hiking.