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The plus of hard sided luggage is that for a carry on, you can’t overstuff it so it should always firbas a carry on providing you bought a carry on size. Some soft sided luggage is so overstuffed that it no longer fits in overhead.

Okay, what did we discover? Once we tallied the numbers, we were not really surprised by the results. Yes, soft sided luggage is a little lighter (9.92 lbs vs 10.48 lbs) and a little cheaper ($197.50 vs $227.80) than hard sided (non-zippered) luggage. Having said this, the small advantage in weight and price, that soft sided luggage enjoys over hard sided, disappears when you factor in how insecure and vulnerable to damage they are. The numbers get even more convincing if you remove the highest and lowest numbers from the calculation.

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    This first step may be not be necessary for hard sided luggage, but on many occasions a suitcase may need to be vacuumed both inside and out before it can be cleaned. Because soft sided luggage tends to have many compartments, each should be inspected for loose items like jewelry and keys before vacuuming up dust and loose debris.

    Just a few household products are needed to make a simple cleaning solution for soft sided luggage materials, such as ballistic nylon or polyester. This includes warm (but not hot) water and dishwashing liquid, laundry soap or a gentle hand soap. Baking soda may also be added to the mixture, especially the luggage has stubborn stains that require extra work. This mixture works just as well for hard sided luggage made of materials like aluminum or poly-carbonate. Baking soda and a mixture of water and vinegar are also effective in removing odors from either type of luggage and its interior fabrics.