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The latter also features a handy stash pocket, and when clipped it works in tandem with the chest strap to make the Quiksilver Platinum backpack sit securely on your back when riding. There’s even a dedicated holster for a walkie-talkie on the right strap, so after you’ve called your drop-in the handset can be stashed securely away rather than rattling around in your jacket pocket during the descent.

If your backpack usually contains a sandwich and an extra layer, tooling up with the Quiksilver Platinum backpack may be overdoing it a little. However, riders who live for day missions in the backcountry will be well served by Travis Rice’s swag-sack of choice.

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The 2016/17 version of the Quiksilver Platinum backpack has a slightly increased capacity, which is divided into three main sections. The largest can hold the majority of your gear, and features a sleeve for a hydration system. The tube can be fed through the shoulder strap, where it’ll be sufficiently insulated to prevent freezing, and the spout is accessed easily via a zipper.

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