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When you love the great outdoors, you know how important a good backpack is. Ruggedness over aesthetics any day. When braving the elements, military backpacks are usually the safer bet. Though cheaper, they are ridiculously durable and the manufacturers make them with the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women rely on their quality and reliability.

Materials used for military gear have to be cheap, due to the overwhelming number that needs to be supplied annually, but too cheap, they cannot compromise on quality. The materials used for military backpacks are flexible yet tough. The frames are made of light yet hardy metals and they are usually designed to maximize space and have room for constant improvisation.

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Military backpacks are also required to meet the highest standards and are tested for quality by thousands of users under harsh environments and operating conditions on a daily basis. A single series of backpacks are designed to withstand multiple variations of brutal conditions. Whether wet or dry, cold or hot, snow or desert, military backpacks can be used for all these conditions. This is something in which a regular hiking backpack cannot compete with the military backpack. Regular hiking backpacks are usually built for a limited range of environmental conditions.

A regular hiking backpack may not live up to a military backpack’s standards, but they do have some good qualities. For one thing, hiking backpacks are usually lighter and more comfortable. For less harsher conditions, a hiking backpack may be sufficient, though a lover of the great outdoors would know to always prepare for the toughest conditions. Like the Scouts’ motto, “Be Prepared”. For long distance hiking, a regular hiking backpack is probably a good option as fatigue becomes an important factor, but should you find yourself in an unusual circumstance, the likelihood of overcoming that obstacle is higher if you are equipped with the know-how, and the right equipment. The military backpack might just save your life.