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When travelling on short trips I prefer luggage without wheels and I was fortunate to pick up one a while back which included backpack straps. Unfortunately it is no longer manufactured so the only place to find one would be looking for a used one.

The next one has lots of antiques. They’re cleaning out a barn full of old stuff ranging from kegs of nails to 1980’s TVs and “vintage luggage”, read that luggage with no wheels, no handles and in rough condition.

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It's becoming almost impossible to find luggage without wheels, even on the smallest bags. And for good reason -- wheeled luggage is extremely convenient because it enables anyone to easily transport a heavy bag through a parking lot and the airport, and on to the gate or baggage check area without strain.

One of the important factors to consider is the ease of moving and carrying any piece of luggage especially through airports and train stations and on the street. Wheels are a necessity in order to make pulling, pushing, or dragging easier. Think if you’re going to have difficulty lifting or moving the luggage when fully packed. How do you normally carry your luggage? Unless you have small pieces of luggage and carry little weight, few travelers purchase luggage without wheels. Also, bags with two wheels are more stable as it will not roll on its own, while four-wheeled bags create instability as the wheels are really not designed to deal with the weight. Pay attention how sturdy wheel-case are, as if the wheels are mounted to a plastic base, it’s not sturdy enough to withstand repeated bouncing of wheels.