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Balanzza Ergonomic and Digital Luggage Scale, 5 Years, Up To 44 Kilogram/100 Lbs


Precision weighing to avoid excess baggage charges..

Some readers will be fine with using their bathroom scale for weighing their bags, but for consumers who want an extra level of certainty, the Mini Digital Luggage Scale from Balanzza is a great option at a reasonable price.

Air travel is one of the most expensive methods for travelling across country. Ticket prices are exorbitant, seats are more tighly packed than ever, and the days of free in-flight food are over. Just when you thought you were already paying too much to fly, airlines hit you with overweight luggage fees that can quickly add up. These fees can range from $50 upwards of $100 per bag, even if your bag is only 1 lbs. over the 50 lbs. limit. Consumers need an accurate method of weighing their luggage to make sure it stays under the 50 lbs. limit, and the Mini Digital Luggage Scale from Balanzza fits the trick.

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