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TSA-Accepted locking luggage strap is ideal for air travel

There is no general consensus, but I say there's absolutely no reason to lock luggage, it just makes it more inviting to thieves, and the people breaking into it are doing so behind closed doors anyway.

What's the rule on locking luggage. I know in the recent past, it was a no no. Is it ok to do it now? What if they need to get into the luggage? While I don't pack anything of value in my check-through luggage, I also don't especially like the thought of anyone being able to paw through my undies...smile. Advice?

Safe Skies TSA-Recognized Locking Luggage Strap

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Thanks for the responses. There isn't anything about Ireland or this particular trip that has caused me to wonder about locking my luggage, other than that I read something recently which suggested that it would be a good idea. I appreciate all of the comments I've received about this, and other topics, which are extremely helpful to me in planning my trip.

Locking luggage protects your belongings, keeps bags closed securely and gives travelers peace of mind. Since the onset of baggage screening at airports, many travelers believe that they are not permitted to lock checked bags. Although you can lock your bags, passengers need to be aware of the regulations enforced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Knowing these regulations and procedures can make travel safe and hassle-free.