Lego Samsonite blocks the year 1968 ... the predecessor of Lego DUPLO

1966 Lego set 004 Master Builder Toy Real Rare Samsonite

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Vintage Lego Samsonite set 725 Town Plan classic old Lego from the 1960s. Has HO scale cars. Town Plan board comes with it. Not sure what the actual part count should be (I think it should be 725 because the one inventory I found did not have all the necessary parts and known parts in the set and was around 690 pieces.)

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  • Prototype Lego from Samsonite
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    Vintage LEGO Samsonite Model maker 317 Truck from 1963 - 50 year old set. I have the box and instructions for this really old set. Has 124 pieces, all pretty much basic Lego pieces and colors. The bricks are so old it was hard to but them together (some appear to be cellulose acetate). This is the oldest set I have reviewed so far.

    Godtfred signed an agreement with King Shwayder, the son of the founder and now president of the company. The result was a 99-year license for exclusive North American distribution rights. Shwayder Brothers began marketing sets under the name ‘Lego by Samsonite’ in the US in 1961 and Canada in 1962. Samsonite set up a separate sales organization for Lego, but they also began to develop and market a full range of toys, such as educational preschool toys, board games, childrens furniture, and in 1968, after they bought the Manning Manufacturing Corp, a range of roller and ice skates.