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Koopa Shell Plush Backpack – June 10, 2012 Posted in: clothing, ..

Ever wondered what happened to all those Koopa Turtles that Super Mario annihilated? Well, they were turned into backpacks! The Koopa Turtle Shell Backpack is a cool kid’s backpack that isn’t very practical, but makes up for it by being so damn awesome.

But it’s also nice and strong. The Koopa shell backpack features a single zipper pocket and two adjustable buckle straps. It measures about 16″ in diameter, 7″ thick, and the straps can be lengthened to approximately 30″ in length.

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Since the backpack is more-so considered a plush with an added benefit of a backpack, don't expect a lot of room in the backpack, as you could probably call it a pocket rather than a backpack with storage areas. The koopa shell backpack measures approximately 7 inches deep from your back x 16 inches in diameter.

This plush Koopa shell backpack is awesome. It measures about 16-inches in diameter, and turns you into a Koopa in like two seconds. Of course you run the risk of people jumping on you and tossing you across the room, but still, it’s a great way to carry your stuff.