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The top half of the Reflexion DSLR and iPad Backpack is a storage space unto itself. It unzips and opens completely as if it were a huge, wide mouth. This wide opening makes it simple to add and organize your gear!

Toward the top of the Reflexion DSLR and iPad Backpack is a small pocket whose hidden zipper is positioned at an angle moving down and toward the right. This is a nice, secure place to keep a phone or a wallet although it will be behind you, and less secure, when wearing the bag. The angled pocket makes it easy to stow and remove items but it does waste about half of the potential space in this area. I would not go so far as to say this is an example of choosing form over function but there clearly was a conscious design choice made when putting this together.

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As you can see this is a rather unusual camera backpack. The Case Logic Reflexion DSLR and iPad Backpack lets you carry a camera, a few accessories, a tablet and some additional gear in something that looks cool and will cost you under $100. Best of all, it can be used as a camera backpack or, once you pull out the camera insert, you can use it as a regular, albeit oddly-designed, daypack. Let’s walk through the bag’s features and then offer a few thoughts.

The Reflexion DSLR and iPad Backpack is an interesting camera backpack. It certainly isn’t for professionals but if you want a backpack that will allow you to carry your camera as well as your tablet and a bit of additional gear and you want something that can double as an every day pack it might be worth a look. It is not the most refined backpack we have seen but it does look to be as durable as it is functional. I do, however, wish the bottom of the upper storage space would be released and the entire interior of the bag used as if it were one large space. You can learn more and order your .