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Whether you're going on a hiking trip or carrying heavy books from school, a good backpack can be your best friend. Sometimes, you might waste your money on buying bad ones that wear out quickly. Buy a quality backpack and don’t throw hard-earned money down the drain.

I was wondering if you knew anything about the Jan sport traveling bags? I found a couple at a great price but wasn’t sure if they are a good choice. I know they have good quality backpacks. Thanks

Canvas rucksacks for men, good backpack - YEPBAG

  • nikedis Says:

    Nice Information, Every student have to buy affordable good quality backpack for their daily purpose.


    Hear you on paying a bit more for quality. A good backpack will also provide padding and back support for little ones, compared to the flimsy “fly by night” backpacks. This is becoming increasingly important given all the books, materials, projects, etc. kids have to carry back and forth these days.

    The only recent contender to the thrown was the Outlier Ultrahigh Quadzip. Which is a phenomenally good backpack, but after a lot of thinking, testing, and consideration it can’t replace the GR1 both for me or my recommendations.