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Flight attendant luggage for most airlines will be issued to you during ground school. If not, it will at least be governed with certain company stipulations . Obviously if it is issued, you don’t have much or any option with your ‘choice’ of luggage. If it is governed you will likely have more options, however you will still be limited by size and very probably colour as per your uniform standards.

If you are not issued with flight attendant luggage, which is fast becoming the norm for airline operators, then you’ll need to purchase your own as per your employing airline recommendations. This is normally limited to colour and size, so therefore style, type and brand is completely your choice.

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    Flight attendant luggage – Cabin carry-on, always get a bag with an extendable handle and wheels and preferably four wheels that enables the bag to be pushed, pulled and manoeuvred in any direction.
    Size wise, I would recommend the biggest allowable. It should have several zippered and lockable compartments because you should always lock your bag and you will always need access to incidental items during your tour of duty.

    This might be things like passport, wallet, ID, high visibility vest, make up, sunglasses etc. It therefore is very convenient to be able to pack these items in zippered compartments separate from things like smelly runners and even your dirty underwear!

    Flight attendant luggage - cargo Again while you want BIG flight attendant luggage, be mindful that you don’t want MASSIVE flight attendant luggage. Again, you don’t want to pack too much weight so go for the size that will comfortably close with all your normal stuff required for say a 5 or 6 day trip and that will adequately cover you for most flying. This luggage should also have a sturdy extendable pull handle with preferably 4 wheels that enables the bag to be pushed, pulled and manoeuvred in any direction. Preferably from my perspective and knowing that the bag will be handled by the ‘Handle with Care’ department, - the case should have a hard outer or at least avoid a material type fabric. Some of the new ultra light hard shell but flexible materials available now really are a great option for flight attendant luggage. Personal Baggage for Flight AttendantsObviously overnight accessories such as hand bags, wallets, tote’s etc are a personal choice and are not classed as flight attendant luggage and obviously no company or airline places restrictions on this.

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