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5.11 Covrt 18 Backpack (Asphalt/Black, 1 Size)


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Overall - ★★
It's quite a bit of money to spend on a hockey bag, but the Warrior Covert Backpack Wheel Bag is the Cadillac of hockey bags. I can roll it, lift it, or wear it. The only real rub is the price. But if you are in hockey for the long haul, this bag will make the hauling so much easier.

The Warrior Covert Backpack Wheel Bag can lay flat on its "back" or stand upright. Standing the bag upright is preferable when in a locker room, where floor space comes at a premium. Same goes for when at home; stand the bag up and stick it in a corner, and you almost won't notice it.

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Mobility - ★★
There's a song by the 1990s group Everclear called "Everything to Everyone." That song title (not the song itself) pretty much sums up the Warrior Covert Backpack Wheel Bag. It's a backpack you can sling over your shoulders, which is great if you need to carry it up a flight of stairs. The straps are adjustable, but can be tucked out of the way if you don't need them.

Storage Capacity - ★★
The Warrior Covert Backpack Wheel Bag has four compartments. The main compartment has two zippers and holds the majority of your equipment. I've been able to cram all of my gear (helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, pants, shin guards, base layer), four jerseys, four pairs of hockey socks and a dozen pucks in the main compartment -- and it all fits.