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How to Clean Filthy Backpacks - Good Housekeeping

There's always something going on with the Clean Kids Backpack Program. Whether it's collecting or delivering personal care items to needy students, conducting fundraisers, or raffling off a new car...we continue to make a difference. Click the photo above to check out our News and Events page for more info.

This will video will show you how to clean a backpack without putting it in a washer.

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How to clean a Backpack - YouTube

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    Prep your backpack for washing. Use your hands to brush off loose, exterior dirt and dust. Then use a damp rag to lightly wipe down the outside of your bag. This gets off the big, surface dirt, and will help keep your cleaning water as clean as possible.[2]
    • If you pack has some kind of frame, make sure to remove it before trying to wash the bag.
    • Take off any detachable pockets and straps from the main body of the backpack, and clean them separately. This will ensure that each portion of the bag gets a thorough cleaning.
    • Cut away any loose threads or fibers close to the zipping areas.[3] This ensures that along with your clean backpack, you will have a backpack free of snagged and stuck zippers.
  • How to Clean a Backpack | Expert Advice

    We have put together a list of several back to school cleaning tips, just for you! In this video, we discuss how to clean a backpack, how to clean a lunch bag or lunch box, and how to deodorize your backpack. So many great tips for the big day!

    The number one question we were asked is of course, how to clean a backpack. I get this, I used to cram everything into my school bag, with little regard for its clean and orderly carriage. Needless to say, there were always interesting things lurking in and on my school bag, which is why cleaning it would have been a great idea. So for all of you, years after school has ended for me, I’ll explain the right way to do it.
    Firstly, all bags are not created equal. Usually, they are made with similar materials, but you still need to check the fabric care label to determine the proper way to clean the bag. Materials have different care requirements, so be sure to pay attention to the label to avoid damaging the bag.