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An update:

Briggs and Riley came through and replaced the "stench bag." And, they took my concern about chemical laden fabric softener sheets to "freshen" the bag seriously.

The stench-free bag is performing as well as the other bags we have. We are pleased.

Short Story:
Most of the luggage is nice, they do fix the bags, but they return them smelling of bad perfume and chemicals.

Long Story:

I have 6 pieces of Briggs and Riley luggage - I absolutely love 5 of them. One piece is causing me lots of problems - every two times I use it, I have to send it back for repair.

Now, they do repair it, but it is beyond annoying to have to do this repeatedly. I asked about options if I had to have it repaired again, and I was told we could discuss options after the company received the bag, but I never heard anything, the bag just arrived on my door step. Worse, it reeks of chemicals and perfume. I think they were trying to be nice by cleaning it, but they cleaner that they used is terrible. I could smell it before I opened the box, so I immediately took it to the garage. The house still smells like it a bit, and the garage really smells like it.

I waited to see if my husband noticed, as my nose is more sensitive to smells than most. We arrived home, and he noticed the stench even before he opened the car door - that is how much it stinks!

Any clothes placed in this bag will reek like the cleaner that was used - this bag is not usable. It has only been two days, but we've not noticed a decline in the smell. I told B&R this was unacceptable, they need to take the bag back to clean the smell - I'm still waiting to hear from them. We have a trip in a month, and now we have a very expensive piece of luggage that is not usable.

A pair of Briggs and Riley luggage. This matching pair includes a large rolling suitcase and a smaller rolling bag in matching olive green nylon mesh, with beige suede handles.

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Also all Briggs and Riley Luggage pricing includes Free domestic shipping and more.  No sales tax if shipped to anywhere outside the state of Michigan.  On-line ordering is of the highest level secure format.  We have been in business for over 50 years and offer 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  We also stock and ship out  immediately.  All Briggs and Riley Luggage are backed by Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.  We also can gold hot stamp your initials at no extra charge,  just specify desired initials under "Special Instructions" when placing order.

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The phrase, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to the BRX Explore 22″ Upright carry on. In fact, the phrase works for any Briggs and Riley luggage gear review. Briggs and Riley luggage is a little more expensive than your big box store brand. However, the “simple as that” warranty can not be beat in the luggage industry. More on the warranty at the end of the post.