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Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack (Green)


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This one happens to be a good backpack for hikers. In fact, you can literally pack a whole lot of stuff into it. The capacity of the bag is around 3,400 cubic inches or 55 liters. The internal frame of the backpack is very compact in nature. It also boasts of two aluminum stays with contoured shoulder, waist pads and lumbar. The shoulder straps in the product are height adjustable and therefore support a wide range of torso lengths. Besides the main compartment, there is also a separate compartment for the sleeping bag and zippered side pockets. This backpack is also compatible with all hydration systems and has a rain fly. The back costs around $67, and is definitely great value for money.

Backpacks with wide padded straps, harnesses and back pads alleviate the pressure of carrying around heavy or bulky items, especially when adjusted for a custom fit. Your back will thank you for choosing the best backpack for your hike.

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