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In my survey I asked the same questions Backpacker Magazine featured in their articles. Some of the responses were consistent while others were very different. So how did I get these responses? 1000 women answered who were in various . All facebook groups which included: Women of the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail Women’s Group, Northeast Peak Baggers (NH), Ladies of the JMT, Nature Girls, Outdoor Women, Sisters with a Traveling Backpack, and Women of Wonderland. The women in these groups have an interest in hiking and backpack (the reason for joining these groups) but also have an advantage because they know about these communities. These groups are made of both brand new and very seasoned hikers who day, section, and thru hike various trails across the United States. Backpacker Magazine (I assume) surveys their readers who range from across the United States and who are interested enough in backpacking to sign up for a subscription.

I never really gave Backpacker Magazine too much thought before. It contains some fluff pieces, typically one well written article (in my humble opinion!) and lots and lots of ads. I actually get the magazine free with an outdoors club membership. Oh you do too? You may not realize magazines practically give their subscriptions away because the money is in the ads. The more subscribers you can claim, the more companies pay for their full page spreads. Along with the introduction to women specific articles was this ad for adult products which I had never seen before.

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    Backpacker Magazine should have enough sway to partner with a company to resolve this problem or at least write an article involving real women and what would make for ideal hiking pants. Wouldn’t that be a treat?

    Last month Backpacker Magazine came out with multiple female specific articles aimed at getting more women outdoors. Can’t complain about that, right? Well you can when they get women completely wrong.