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The Laugavegur Trail: A Hiking Companion to Iceland's Famous Trek


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Driving a car? Pick up some hitchhikers! Not only is picking up hitch hikers a nice thing to do while backpacking Iceland, it’s a great way to pick up some tips. Chances are they have been talking to locals as they thumb their way around which means they have likely picked up some useful travel info. Chat them up and see what you can find out!

On my last day of backpacking Iceland I had the opportunity to park my car by the ocean and spend the day hiking up the mountains and volcanoes near . The wind was sharp and unrelenting, the sheep trails we followed- challenging and rewarding. The highlight, however, was when we reached the glacier. Trudging around a glacier, all alone on a volcano, is truly a unique experience. Words really can’t do it justice, but it was the perfect way to end my adventure. Don’t miss the national park if you’re in the area!

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    Hello, all. Hoping you can steer me in the correct direction. My husband and I are planning to Backpack Iceland this summer. We are in our late 20s, it will be just the the two of us and we are moderately experienced backpackers. We have done together, a few places in the , and he has been all over the mainland of Europe.

    Considered the most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss is a really incredible sight. The roads getting here are a bit tricky, as they are in very poor shape, so you’ll need to drive slow and budget some extra time. Once you arrive you won’t be able to cross over from one side to the other, but both sides offer some incredibly gorgeous views so you needn’t worry too much. There are no railings along the cliff so you can get dangerously close to the falls. I found this to be a really great place to just kick back and enjoy the view. A must visit while backpacking Iceland.