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Some things that you should include in your packing list for backpacking across Europe include both the original and a copy of your passport, driver’s license, and all credit cards and ATM cards. Keep the copies in a separate place, so that if the originals are lost or stolen you still have the copies. You should also have a information sheet, with all of your medical and contact information just in case something happens. Backpacking through Europe can be the experience of a lifetime, when you are prepared.

A book of backpacking Europe routes should be included on your list, so that you have a reference while traveling and can use this guide to map out the routes that you will be taking on your adventure. The clothes that you will need while backpacking across Europe will depend on the season and weather, but you should include three outfits and six or seven pairs of socks and underwear. A hat and gloves, as well as a jacket or coat, should also be included in cooler seasons. You will also need backpacking sleeping bags, one for each person, and these should be rated for the coldest possible temperatures that you will encounter on your trip.

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People all over the world from very different backgrounds, regardless of age, find backpacking a fun, rewarding and life changing experience. Most consider their first experience backpacking as being like birth into the world.

Without constraints or firm schedules, backpackers are completely free. With only your pack on your back, there are no limits to what you can do or see. Experiencing different cultures, overcoming language barriers, and making new friends (locals and other travelers) are all part of the adventure.

Backpacking across Europe can be confusing, exhausting and possible dangerous. Therefore, preparations need to be made. However, no matter how much you plan for your travels, adjustments will need to be made. Therefore, you should plan for these adjustments and set backup plans when possible. This web site is provided as a guide for those planning to set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

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What’s more liberating than travel? You get to see people, places, and things that you don’t normally see. In the past, traveling the world was restricted to only the privileged few that could afford it. Today, almost everyone can travel to just about any corner of the globe. So, what’s stopping you from taking that solo-backpacking trip across Eastern Europe? Go ahead and find some and start making memories today!

Backpacking across Europe can be the adventure of a lifetime, but what should you take with you? You want to travel light, with everything you need in your backpack, but you also want to make sure you have everything you will need for your trip. The first thing you should have on your list is a policy for backpacker travel insurance, so that you are covered if anything goes wrong on your trip. Without this type of coverage any accident or unexpected event while you are backpacking across Europe could be very expensive. You will want a small still camera, digital preferably, and some extra batteries. Video cameras are heavy, so they are not normally included.