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Backpacker Gear Sector: Outlook

An increasing number of people taking adventure trips and treks is the major factor that is fuelling the demand for backpacker gear. Now-a-days youngsters are more into activities such as hiking, camping and other adventure trips. To keep themselves safe and protected the use of backpack gear has been increasing since the last few years, which is creating a growth in the global backpacker gear sector. An introduction of various new types of backpacker tools are also encouraging tourists to use backpacker gear on a large scale. For instance, various electronic devices such as GPS units, portable charger for mobile phones, smart phone etc. are keeping the tourists safe and connected with each other. Such innovative gear is also boosting the sector for backpacker gear. Affordable prices of these tools is also one of the important factors that is making a positive impact on the global backpacker gear sector. Considering the increasing use of these tools, several big brands across the world are also engaging themselves in the production of backpacker gear to meet the rising demands of tourists. All these factors are creating a robust development in the global backpacker gear sector. However, backpacker gear kits are heavy weight and now-a-days tourists prefer to travel lightweight while going for an adventure trip. This particular factor is affecting sustained growth of the global backpacker gear sector.

As the number of tourists embarking on adventure trips is increasing, the global backpacker gear sector has a promising future ahead. Companies are also coming up with lightweight tools to help tourists travel light and this is likely to have a positive impact on the growth of the global backpacker gear sector.

Backpacker Gear Sector: Top Companies

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Although a lot of importance has been given on travelling lightweight, there are a few tools that are a must in every tourist’s bag. These should not be looked as a burden, as they are beneficial for the tourists and help make their tours comfortable. Trekking poles are light in weight and reduce the impact of hiking on leg muscles and knee joints. The position in which the trekking poles are held in the hand improves heart rate due to proper blood circulation. Sleeping bags are also easy to carry in backpacker gear kits. They are water resistant and protect the tourists from inclement weather and from insects during outside camping. Due to adverse weather conditions, it becomes impossible for tourists to cook in open camp fires. In rainy seasons it is difficult to find dry wood for burning. Stoves are quick to set up and are more reliable and can comfort tourists by satisfying their stomach with hot and full cooked food such as soup or meat curries. Tents come in all sizes and in shapes. They give protection from the outdoors and still give a great feeling of camping. Clothing is a gear that is as important as a tent or sleeping bags. Proper clothing protects tourists from harsh climate conditions and rough terrain.

Big Agnes, Black Diamond, Five Ten, Granite Gear, Exped, Hilleberg and Backpacking Packs are some of the companies across the world that are operating in the global backpacker gear sector.