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High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Book Bag Backpack, Black


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I’m 5’8’’ and the backpack sits wheel on my back, resting on the top of my hips. Sometimes I think 60L is a lot, but even when I get carried away with my packing, it rarely weighs more than 10kg.

It is worth noting that the wheels and towing handle add more weight to the pack and can sometimes weigh up to 4.5kg, compared to the standard 2.5 to 3.5kg you would expect from a backpack without wheels. The presence of a towing handle will normally mean that, but would still feature padding for comfort.

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    The size of the bag is perfect for me. I have to pack smartly on longer trips, but I’ve never felt the need for anything bigger. On a recent trip to the UK I even packed my hiking boots, along with everything else I needed (and a few things I didn’t) for a 5-week road trip. I’m not one of those people who wears all their heavy items on the plane. I want to be able to fit everything in my backpack when I’m dressed normally.

    Closer Tyler Johnson proudly owns a Paw Patrol backpack, while Reed Scott has a Cars backpack with wheels and all. Josh Reagan wears a Superman backpack and Colie Bowers might take the cake with a Pokemon option that lights up.