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ONINIT Acrylic Brooches Set Funny Letter Fruit Pin for Clothes/Bags/Backpack (15 pieces)


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Our one of a kind backpack pins are sweet, stylish, and easy enough for beginner sewers. You'll need canvas and upholstery rate fabrics, embroidery floss, a large-eye needle, and a safety pin. First, cut 5 or 6 circles in different sizes from the fabric. Stack them from largest to smallest. Thread embroidery floss through a large-eye needle, knot the end, and sew through the center of the stack. Make several stitches to create an asterisk shape. Whip stitch the non-fastening side of the safety pin to the back making sure to sew through only 1 or 2 layers. Tie up the floss and trim the excess. These fun fabric flower pins add style and panache to any back-to-school look.

Now let’s get started. First you need to solder the backpack to your LCD module. While your soldering iron is warming up, check that the backpack pins are straight and fit in the LCD module, for example:

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Hey Everyone! Comment "Pinning these pins on Pinterest" if you see this! Haha:) I'm so excited to show you this video because it all started as an idea I had one day when I realized how cool backpack pins were when I saw them on tumblr. I was on this website where they sold tumblr backpack pins and I put so many in my shopping cart that my total was something crazy like $32 bucks for all these pins. Really, some of those little pins go for $4.99! In this video, I'll show you 2 ways of how to make them look just like the ones you could buy! This would also be really cool to make pins for your favorite band or music so you can have your own DIY band merch too!