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Manami is the girl pictured to the left, with twin tails. Her nightgown and shirt are from Swan Kiss, worn over a Bubbles skirt. She bought her sequin Ariel backpack from Hawaii, and her lace platforms from Swan Kiss. Her accessories are from 6%DokiDoki. Manami likes shopping at Swan Kiss and she’s a j-pop fan. Find her on for more pics.

For 2013 Osprey have updated their Aether/Ariel technical backpack series. You may be familiar with the male-specific Aether from Backcountry Skiing Canada's and , both are a relevant read and detail the many features that are common to the Aether and Ariel Series. Chances are you're reading this because you're a gal who loves getting out into the backcountry for skiing, hiking and camping so let's focus on the Ariel, the bright and burly twin sister of the Aether, designed specifically to fit women who like to backpack or mountaineer.

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    Next off is Nanako, pictured to the right. She is wearing a Spinns t-shirt with a plaid skirt from Peco Club. She bought her Ariel backpack in Hawaii and her sandals and accessories on Takeshita Dori. Nanako likes shopping at Peco Club and Bubbles, and she listens to idol music. You can also find her on .

    With the 2013 upgrades Osprey's Ariel backpack easily offers up one of the most supportive backpacks on the market for women and this is something you don't notice until you load 'er up and start walking a few km. This doesn't come as a surprise as designing and manufacturing back packs is all Osprey have done since 1974—their commitment to making quality packs is evident. In the Ariel, the new Airscape suspension is more refined and keeps the backpack rigid and stable but has a geometry and flex that moves with your body. Ample adjustment is strategically provided so you can respond to your body's needs in different terrain as well as accommodate various load sizes. The new IsoForm4 CM™ moldable hip belt firmly hugs and holds the hips so the pack is more part of your body, I have had hip belts custom molded on previous packs but didn't with this review and found that it performed just as well, likely due to the increased articulation and padding. I actually prefer the idea of the hipbelt molding over time so that it molds with me as I move rather than standing still in store. The 2013 hipbelt is noticably more comfortable than older versions as is the smoother lumbar support, I haven't had tender hips to date.