American Tourister Rolling Computer Briefcase

American Tourister Black Wheeled Computer Bag Model #930285

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The wheels are NOT inline skate wheels. They are wider and solid black rubber. Prior to making my purchase, this was my biggest concern, a I once made the mistake of purchasing a golf travel bag that had large plastic wheels. It was noisy as heck! However, I'm happy to report that the wheels on this American Tourister computer case work extremely well. The bag rolls easily and quietly, even with additional luggage or heavy items stacked on top of it.

Then one Sunday morning, the Office Depot advertisement in the local newspaper listed a special deal on an American Tourister computer case. I was skeptical at first. After all, what kind of quality can one expect from a $35 dollar bag? Since I needed a few other office supplies anyway, I decided to check it out. After inspecting the computer case for about ten minutes, I decided that for the price, even if it fell completely apart after only a few months that I would get my money's worth out of it...

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